Call for Papers(Download)

You are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of your research abstracts and papers to ICENT 2023 Okinawa conference. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Next Generation Networks
Networking Technologies
Network Architectures
High speed Networks
Routing, Switching and Addressing Techniques
State of the art of Network Operations & Management
Network performance, QoS and Resource Management
Network Protocols
Peer to peer and Overlay Networks

Wireless Networks
Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
WiFi & LiFi Network Technologies
Ubiquitous Networks
Mobile Networks & Wireless Networks
Recent trends in WiMedia & Multimedia Networks

Reconfigurable Networks
Heterogeneous Networks
Self-Organizing/ reconfigurable Networks and Networked Systems
Interconnection Network on Chip (NoC)
Software Defined Networks (SDNs)
Virtualization & Network Traffic Balancer
Data Centers design
Data Centers Networks
Datacenters Traffic Management and Optimization
Switch Fabric

Ultrahigh Speed Networks
Optical Communications and Networks
Photonic Networks
Satellite & Space Communications
ICT & Intelligent Transportation Systems
Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent & Advanced Systems
Next Generation Internet
Next Generation Web Architectures
Parallel and Distributed Computing Networks
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Intelligent Computing Systems
Cloud Computing & Big Data Analytics
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Modelling and Simulation
Network Security
Wireless network attacks
Cloud Security
Cloud documents Integrity & Privacy
High performance Computing Systems
ICT in Environmental Sciences
3G & 4G Mobile Services